Coconut Secret Coconut Cream Desserts (product review)

Coconut Secret Coconut Cream Desserts (product review)

I’m so excited to introduce you to Coconut Secret’s Raw Coconut Cream Desserts!! I have had the privilege of sampling all four exciting flavors and am here to tell you that they are amazing!! They are not sweetened with refined sugar, cane sugar, agave or artificial sweeteners. They are sweetened with RAW coconut nectar!! These delicious non-dairy “ice cream” desserts are also organic. It can’t get much better. And they didn’t even tell me to say any of this! When I received the package, I was REALLY hoping I would like them so that I could be excited about their products when I reviewed them. And I am excited!

The four delectable flavors are:
Madagascar Vanilla
Berry Fusion
Caribbean Chocolate

They are ALL delicious, but right now my personal favorite is the Pina-Colada. It tasted so tropical I wanted to be on an island eating it! The Caribbean Chocolate flavor only lasted my husband and I two sittings…and I’m trying to savor the rest of the Madagascar Vanilla and Berry Fusion!! (Which by the way, I think create a fun twist to eat those two together! Yum!)

Here is some more info from Coconut Secret:

“A new era in gourmet dairy-free frozen desserts, Coconut Secret Raw Coconut “Cream” is made simply by cold pressing fresh, raw organic coconut to produce a thick, rich true coconut “cream”. We then sweeten it with our own low glycemic, organic, raw Coconut Nectar, and blend it with various organic raw freeze-dried powders to create the perfect synergy of texture and flavor. No cane sugar or agave.

We chose to flavor our Pina Colada and Berry Fusion Coconut Creams with raw freeze-dried powders instead of fresh fruit purees, because we discovered there is no truly “raw” fruit purees available. We learned from suppliers that all fresh fruit purees must now be pasteurized to ensure against bacteria and mold. Our research has shown that the freeze dried fruit powders are not exposed to high heat and retain their optimal nutrient profile. We very much hope you love them as much as we do!

Abundant in Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) and nutrients, coconut cream is rapidly absorbed in the body and converted into quick energy, stimulating metabolism and delivering instant nourishment without putting strain on digestion. These healthy saturated fats assist in slowing down the entry of sugar into the bloodstream, thus helping to balance blood sugar.

While other dietary fats produce body fat, the abundance of MCFAs in coconut cream stimulates metabolism to help burn stored fat – effective beyond coconut oil. Coconut cream has No Trans-Fars, contains antimicrobial healing properties, and helps to support overall immune system functions.

Tempting as it may be, this amazing product made with pure coconut cream (not milk) is too rich to eat all at once! We promise that less is definitely more!”

If you are as excited about these desserts as I think you will be, start checking with your local health foods providers/stores and request to get these delicious desserts in their stores!

I have also used (and love) Coconut Secret’s Coconut Aminos (soy sauce substitute that is soy-free) and their Coconut Flour. You can visit their website here.

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